What’s New

Market Fresh

Fresh off the truck!!!
Cyclamen, vibrant and full of blooms. A perfect house plant to add colour to the dreary days of November

In the Cupboard

Apple butter is back! Those who love it love it a lot. Put it on muffins, toast, or even a pork roast.

New Product ALERT

We are happy to carry the delicious and convenient packaged dinners from The Pasta Shop, lasagna, canneloni, rigatoni and more. Or make your own quick meal-sautee your favorite veggies in olive oil and toss in handmade dried pasta (also from The Pasta Shop), top with cheese….badda boom badda bing


Treat yourself to a fabulous bar of soap, made of goat milk. Many intense aromas to choose from…a personal favorite, tangerine & lychee with apricot seed.

Gluten Free

With the help from The Gluten Free Gals, our selection of gluten free meals, sweets and breads have expanded. Pies, cinnamon buns, tea loaves, tarts, muffins, cookies, mac and cheese and more! If you have your heart set on something, call us and place an order or have us put it aside.

Look for us on the Buttertart Tour

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